Scrub A Dud Dub - Bath Scrubber

$9.50 $12.99
Product description

Bath time is a splash with this new all-in-one dispenser! Trading wet washcloths and fumbling with a slippery soap bottle for this simple one-step brush makes clean up a breeze… and a lot more fun for everyone. This ingenious bath brush and soap dispenser in one is simple to use… older children will love to help, too. Simply fill the Scrub-a-DubDub with your favorite baby-approved liquid soap and then squeeze your way to a squeaky-clean child. Made with super-soft silicone bristles, this one-step brush is perfect for both babies and children.

  • 2-in-1 scrubber dispenses soap and gently washes your babies’ or toddlers’ skin
  • The baby scrubber is made from naturally mold-resistant silicone
  • The scrubber works great on any skin type even for dry skin & cradle cap
  • Super soft silicone bristles make baby bath time more enjoyable while providing for “lots of bubbly” lather
  • Fill the scrub-a-dubdub with any liquid baby soap and squeeze to dispense on baby

Use it to apply Sunscreen, Moisturizer, or lotion. 

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