Puj Bath Treads - Watercolors - Pack of 6


Fun and stylish bath treads make the bath time fun and safe!


Each tread is made from BPA/PVC free material and offers the perfect balance between giving enough traction to prevent slipping and still being soft and gentle on sensitive skin.


The treads use a strong waterproof adhesive to stick to the tub surface. Simply peel off the backing paper and place tread in the desired location. (Be sure to thoroughly clean surface and let it dry completely before installing treads.) EASY TO CLEAN: Since the treads have a low profile and an ultra-strong adhesive, you can clean right over the top of the treads with standard household cleaners allowing you to keep your tub safe AND squeaky clean.


If you need to remove the treads, you can do so without worrying about damaging the tub surface.


Proper installation of Puj Bath Treads

  • Clean the tub surface with any normal bathroom cleaner
  • Rinse tub with water to remove soap and residue from tub surface
  • Allow tub to completely dry
  • Place treads on tub surface and press firmly on all parts of the tread
  • Let stand for 24 hours before using
  • Bonus! Treads can also be placed outside the bath to give traction while climbing out of the bath tub. 

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