Burts Bees Baby Hooded Towel - 100% Organic Cotten - Heather Gray

$10.95 $13.95

Indulge in never-ending bath time comfort with this ultra soft hooded towel, ensuring that even after the bath is over, your baby remains snugly wrapped.

Softness Redefined: Crafted from a blend of gentle knit terry fabric, our towel delights with its soft and absorbent touch. The texture is velvety smooth on one side while featuring comforting loops on the other.

Thoughtfully Designed Hood: Our towel comes with a perfectly sized hood that strikes a balance - not too large or deep, allowing your baby to stay cozy without covering their precious face.

Just the Right Dimensions: With dimensions measuring 29" x 29", our hooded towel is tailored to provide ample coverage while still being easy to manage.

Pure Organic Comfort: Experience the pinnacle of purity with The Purest Layer. Crafted from 100% organic cotton that's GOTS certified, this towel offers breathability and is made from one of the most absorbent fibers known.

Durability and Softness Combined: Each fiber is combed and ring-spun, ensuring exceptional durability and a luxurious softness that withstands washing without pilling.


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