6 Pack Newborn Baby Washcloth Gift Set


Searching for the perfect gift for that new baby and parents? Both useful and luxurious, our bamboo washcloths are certain to be the household's favorite washcloths. (it's a good thing you'll have 6) Bamboo is known for being insanely soft (softer than cotton), hypoallergenic, ultra absorbent, and eco-friendly. One of our favorite things about bamboo is that it's the fastest growing plant in the world and a total work horse when it comes to producing clean O2 to breathe.  Better for our babies skin and better for the planet, bamboo is simply better. 

Washcloth thoughtful design features include:

 - Double stitched trim to prevent fraying edges.

- A loop for a cleaner storing and drying option

- A hand pocket, because wet babies are slippery. 

Skip the hassle of wrapping your gift. Our washcloths come nestled in an adorable gift box. 

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