8 Snuggle Worthy Extra Cozy Hooded Towels For Toddlers


Has your toddler outlasted their baby hooded towel? Don't be too quick to say goodbye to this cozy after bath treat. A New Plush & Cozy Hooded Towel For Toddlers might be just what they need. A special bath towel can hold a sacred place in your little one's heart. For many toddlers, their hooded towel can have the same benefits of a security blanket; it’s uniquely “theirs” and it evokes feelings of comfort, consistency, & safety. It’s also a dear item they associate with a relaxing end of day ritual, the bath. A bath calms crazy kids and washes off the un-perfectly, perfect day. a hooded towel is like a warm hug at the end. Surprise your child with one of these great hooded towels made to fit toddlers and little kids and watch for a giant smile that says “It's good to be Your kid.”


 Land of The Wee Hooded TOddler Towel 

Land of the Wee has created a luxury extra-soft and thick organic bamboo kids hooded towel. This hooded towel is oversized to truly provide a full coverage fit for your toddler to little kids up to age 6 or 55 pounds. You’ll likely find this towel a staple for bath time as much as pool time. The roomy and soft material creates a cozy way to dry off with soft-to-the-touch 500 GSM bamboo fabric that absorbs water three times faster than cotton to wick away moisture.

One of the biggest complaints kids make at the pool or beach after swimming is that they’re cold. With the flip-up two layer hood, Land of the Wee makes drying off and staying warm simple so you can enjoy the rest of your day together.

Another bonus is that it comes with a custom wet dry bag that you can use to stash wet swimsuits and towels so they won’t get your other things wet on the way back home. The bamboo material is hypoallergenic so it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin and sustainable for the earth too.

Waste-free packaging means you’ll be as good to the environment as this kids hooded towel will be to your family. And since bamboo is naturally antibacterial and mold resistant, you won’t ever find unpleasant surprises even if you do forget to take the towels out of the car after your trip to the beach. Moderately priced, this durable hooded towel will last and last.


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Pottery Barn Little Kids Hooded Towel

Pottery Barn features a more expensive option in the form of different animals. Choose from an alligator, shark, lion, dragon, or spotted dog, each one made from thick cotton velour and terry cloth. It’s soft and absorbent to help kids dry off at bathing or swimming.

Each of these can accommodate any child ages 3 and up, between 33 and 52 inches in height. While they differ in color and design, the material is the same, soft and lovely stuff on each. They can additionally be personalized for an additional fee, ideal if you have more than one child so they’ll never bicker over which one is theirs.

Pottery Barn’s design does have more of a tone toward boys though any girl that delights in pretending to be animals will have fun with the playful hooded characters on these towels too.



For around the same price as the Pottery Barn kids hooded towel, you’ll find a special and unique offering from Pendelton. This hooded poncho is made from cozy cotton velour on one side and reverses to a cotton-terry blend on the other side. Kids stay warm and safe, and the material dries off rapidly.

This particular design is called the Chief Joseph, a tribute the brand makes to Native Americans. Chief Joseph resisted the US government’s orders and led the way to Canada. He was revered for winning many battles despite the odds. The symbols and designs found on this hooded poncho are Native American symbols that represent bravery and strength in honor of this mighty chief.

The 24” x 24” design also has a hood to keep little heads warm and dry, and despite its intricate appearance, it can be machine-washed safely to use again and again.


Searchl Toddler Poncho

This kids hooded towel by SearchI uses 32 yarns long-staple of 100% terry cotton on the inside to soak up wetness. The outside is a soft, plush cotton velour that begs for snuggling. Ideal for pool or bath time, even kids with sensitive skin will find comfort in this hooded towel.

You’ll get years of use out of it too. It’s made to keep kids ages 1 to 6 cozy and warm after being in the water. The poncho design makes it easy to put on while the snaps keep it in place to keep kids tucked in if they desire. There are plenty of designs to choose from too from dolphins to mermaids and astronauts to dinosaurs. Made to withstand fading and numerous washes, this moderately-priced kids hooded towel might be just what you’re looking for.



Girls will love the Softerry Mermaid Princess Towel. While it doesn’t feature a hood, this large 100% cotton towel is 30” x 60” perfect for covering a lounge chair or ample space to lie on top of at the beach. The front is a soft velour while the back is loop terry cloth, which is said to become more absorbent after the first wash as well as thicker and softer too.

The pretty and vibrant mermaid print is designed to keep from fading or bleeding so it will stay colorful and inviting after many washes. It’s machine washable and dryer-safe so you can always keep it fresh and ready for your daughter to dry off with. Labelled as Oeko-Tex Certified, the fabric is safe from harmful substance levels and is an ecologically safe choice that fits your budget.


Stephen Joseph Shark Hooded Towel 

Stephen Joseph has created a variety of kids hooded towels that ignite the imagination. Crafted from 100% cotton velour, these long-lasting towels provide ample space at 46” x 23.5” to keep your kids warm and dry while you sit by the pool after a swim or after getting out of the sea at the beach.

While there are other imaginative animal-design hooded towels out there, Stephen Joseph takes the playfulness to the next level with 3D hooded designs that make it easy to pretend they’re a mermaid, flamingo, shark, or even a swashbuckling pirate octopus. The corners are enclosed which make the perfect place for little hands to tuck into and keep warm with. Since they’re machine washable, it makes for easy care for moms too, all at a moderate price.


Land's End Hooded Towel

For bigger kids, Land’s End features this cute striped hooded towel for sunning or drying off. Made for the beach or after a bath, it offers 50” x 27” of space made from 100% plush cotton to absorb water fast and keep kids dry. There are a few character options to choose that boys or girls will like.


Serena & Lily Hooded Towel

For a super-soft creation, Serena & Lily present this pure Turkish cotton kids hooded towel. It’s soft and snuggly, perfect for little ones. The inviting blue and white pattern is adorably unisex and sized at 25” x 41”. While it might be too small for your oldest child, for babies and toddlers, it’s a lovely fit.

As an Oeko-Tex Certified item, it is free of dangerous chemicals so you’ll always feel confident wrapping babies and toddlers up in this warming and absorbent hooded towel. It’s also machine washable and can be tumbled dry so caring for this towel is easy, even if it is a little pricier than other options.


Why choose a hooded towel for your kid?

Little ones aren't able to temperature regulate as well as adults and can lose a lot of heat out of their heads. Even on hot days, getting out of the pool or ocean can be a difficult temperature change to deal with. On top of that, a hood keeps heads warm and protected from wind and sand.

During the rest of the year, you can use your kids hooded towel to make bath time more fun too. You’ll get plenty of use out of these fun and snuggly towels no matter which one you choose!

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