Top 10 Old Wives’ Tales for Predicting Your Baby’s Gender

Are we having a boy or a girl? The reveal, typically, comes out at the 20 week ultrasound. In the meantime, the suspense is real for new parents who can’t wait to find out. Perhaps you can resort to using an old wives’ tale to figure out what colors to paint your nursery and what clothing to buy. One of the most common beliefs is that carrying high means you’ll have a girl while carrying low signifies a boy.

While there may not be scientific merit to any of these and it usually comes down to coincidence, it can be fun to look into these baby gender predictors. Here are the top 10 old wives’ tales that have endured through the ages for seeing whether you’re going to have a little her or a little him.

1. Check out your skin

Your face may reveal all! If you have that nice glow, old wives’ tales say it’s a boy. But if you keep breaking out and need your concealer, it’s said you’ll be having a girl.

2. Use a Chinese gender predictor chart

According to older Chinese people, the Chinese gender predictor is an accurate way to figure out what you’re having. It can even predict if your boy or girl will have more masculine or feminine features.

3. Take a closer look at the ultrasound

If baby is still stubbornly not giving you any clues and keeping things down there hidden, just look at the head. A square-shaped head is supposed to mean a boy and a rounder head means it’s a girl you’re having!

4. Try the ring and string trick

A fun one for baby showers, all you need is some string and a ring. While you lie on your back, have someone else dangle the ring over your belly by the string. When the ring moves in a circular motion, it’s a girl. When it swings back and forth, you’ve got a boy.

5. Read between the lines

Take a look at that dark line that has started to show running vertically up your belly. It’s called the linea nigraand supposedly, if it ends at your belly button, you’ll be having a girl. But if it continues on upward, you’ll be having a boy.

6. Listen to your heart

In this case, you’ll want to note your heart rate. The faster it is, the more likely it’s a girl.

7. Show of hands

This one might be tough with coronavirus since everyone seems to have dry, chapped hands from scrubbing them all the time, but the smoother the skin is on your hands, the more likely a girl will be for you.

8. Food cravings

They say if you keep wanting salty foods like fries, you’ve got a boy. And if it’s cake, brownies, and pie that are on your mind, that sweet tooth means it’s a sweet girl.

9. Pee predictions

The next time you have to pee, which will likely be a few minutes from now, pee into a cup and then add baking soda. If it does nothing, you’ll be having a girl but if it gets fizzy, you’ll be having a boy.

10. Long morning sickness

The sicker you are each morning and the longer you’re sick, like beyond that first trimester, those old wives say it’s a girl.

Again, there’s no science to these, but they sure are fun. Did you have a baby and correctly predict the gender using one of these old wives’ tales?