The Top 5 Hooded Towels for Newborns and Toddlers in 2021

Updated: March 4, 2021


A towel is an essential tool for every parent of young kids. It can mean the difference between a happy bath time experience, or an unpleasant chore for the day. Whether you find yourself at the beach or in the bath, make sure those moments are as sweet as can be by providing them with one of the best hooded towels on the market to keep them warm and happy. These moments you have to snuggle your little ones don’t last forever so make sure you are prepared with top quality towels. Whether you’re looking to make a statement, or hoping to find that ultra-soft snuggle, we’ve found some that you're bound to love! Here are the top 5 hooded towels for babies and toddlers in 2021!

Land of Wee

We’re going to cut to the chase and show you one of our favorites first! Land of the Wee has a hooded towel that is hard to beat. Not only are the designs swoon worthy, but they are made of durable, organic bamboo. Bamboo is twice as soft and more absorbent than cotton. It's naturally odor-resistant and hypoallergenic, making it the perfect material for a new baby. Bamboo grows in abundance and is biodegradable so you can feel good about your eco-friendly purchase. This woodland bear print hooded towel is sure to be a favorite! It's one of the largest baby towels available, so you can use it well into those toddler years. But wait….there's more! Each towel comes with a wet dry bag for easy storage before and after use. It’s sure to be a favorite no matter what you’re looking for. You don't just have to take our word for it, check out over 175 raving reviews on Amazon. It’s a keeper!

Channing and Yates

This premium hooded towel by Channing and Yates is another thoughtfully designed towel. Great for the bath, pool, or beach, it’s naturally hypoallergenic so you can swaddle your little one with a sound mind. A little different from the previous towel, this towel is 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. The classic gingham print is sure to please and will be elegant alongside any existing bathroom decor. This hooded towel with ears is available in three different colors. It's generously sized at 40 x 28 inches which means it might not be ideal for a newborn but definitely a good fit for your toddler and beyond. A matching washcloth is also included in this set so you have all you need for their next bathtime. Set this in a gift basket to give at a baby shower or stock up and be prepared for any event or guest. Simple and chic is what this hooded towel is all about.


This hooded towel by Natema is also noteworthy as one the best towels for newborns this year. It’s made from bamboo-derived rayon for a soft, hypoallergenic feel on the outside. The composure of this towel makes it extremely durable and able to withstand multiple washes to keep it looking and working great. The base of the towel is made from microfiber to keep the integrity of the shape so it will look like new for some time to come. Although some people report that this towel may take longer than most to dry, it’s a great beginner towel for newborns and you just gotta love those ears! This product comes beautifully packaged in an eco-friendly box so it’s all ready to be given as a gift to that special someone.

Bambi Bamboo

If you're more of a fan of big, bold patterns then you’ll love this towel made by Bambi Bamboo. They offer brightly colored, fruit patterned hooded towels for babies. The 33 x 33 inch size works for newborn babies on up to toddlers so you’ll get years of use. Also available in a strawberry print, this towel will become a favorite right from the start. It is extra thick and reversible so you decide where the pattern goes. This towel will brighten up any bath or beach day with plenty of warm, dry snuggles to go around. This eco-friendly bath towel is the perfect gift and you can feel good about your purchase knowing you will be doing the environment a favor by supporting environmentally conscious products. What’s not to love?


Finally, we just had to show you this little lamb towel by Lucylla. It’s so soft and sweet, plus the all white towel matches any bathroom and makes the perfect gift for either gender. Whether you’re outside or inside you’ll be delighted to wrap your little one in this hypoallergenic, bamboo towel which means it’s ideal for baby’s sensitive skin. At 31 x 31 inches, it’s a little smaller than the rest so you won't have more towel than you need for your newborn. If you prefer the simple and understated towel, then this is the towel for you! Warm up your little one and get ready to create lasting memories as you head out on adventures to the pool or beach.

So, there you have it! Our top 5 hooded towels for 2021. Make this a year to remember with plenty of moments out and about along with simple days spent at home. Having the best baby products makes all the difference in those daily routines and a hooded towel is one you absolutely must have on your list! Be sure to check out our blog about surprising uses for hooded towels and see that they are definitely worth the investment. Happy hunting!

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