13 Amazing Jungle Themed Nurseries, you'll be WILD about!

Expecting a baby? Life's about to get Real wild. It's a jungle out there and It can be in your baby's room too, with these colorful jungle themed nursery ideas.

Perhaps you have a love for animals, nature, travel, or adventure, or maybe you are seeking an inspiring vibrant theme that is gender neutral and will work for both a boy or girl nursery.

Next stop is adventure, 

with these jungle themed nursery ideas. 

Jungle safari nurseries on trend right now for so many reasons. Who doesn't love animals? With all those friendly, adorable, animal faces your baby will never feel alone. The colors are vibrant, alive and fresh, which will keep things cheery even on the gloomiest of days. A jungle theme nursery is easy to make gender neutral so it can work perfectly for either a boy or girl nursery or for the parents who have decided to be surprised at birth. A jungle nursery theme is also super easy to update as the baby gets older. At first you can incorporate more adorable, plush, baby curated accessories, but as your child grows a safari theme can become quite chic. There's lots of room to grow and update with this adorable theme.

Check out These 13 Amazing jungle Themed Nurseries We Think Are Spot On

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for tips and links to the essential 

elements you'll need to create your own jungle themed nursery. 

jungle nursery design ideas

gorgeous jungle safari nursery with banana leave wallpaper

safari jungle themed nursery design ideas

safari nursery design ideas

safari nursery night sky wallpaper

nursery mural jungle animals

Spotted wallpaper nursery

wallpaper for nursery safari theme

Want t0 create your Own perfect safari jungle nursery? For The Most 

eye-catching jungle themed nurseries, just sprinkle in A few 

of these Fun elements. 

1. Plush jungle stuffed animals. The tall giraffe seems to be mission critical in nearly all our favorite jungle nurseries, but any and all jungle friends should be given a home in your jungle nursery. Baby safari friends are especially cute to incorporate.

2. Add a dramatic feature wall. The best nurseries have a colorful wall to set the stage. Jungle leaves or animal friend wallpaper tends to work really well with this theme. There’s no shortage of insanely amazing wallpapers and wall murals that work with the jungle theme. We've also seen some nurseries nail the vibe with a dramatic, enthralling, paint color on the feature wall.

3. Pepper in natural elements. Focus on adding some greenery, with real or artificial plants and blend in other natural earth toned and wood textured accessories. Rattan and wicker pieces are a good way to in a natural feel to your nursery.

4. A safari inspired rug. An earthy colored rug to mimic the ground color of the real safari and/or geometric patterns play well in a jungle themed nursery.

5. Don't forget the wall art! There are so many fun options for jungle themed wall art. Think baby safari animal water-color portraits, wall mounted stuffed animal heads, world maps, and/or pull in some more sophisticated pieces that will stand the test of time as your child grows.

We hope these jungle themed nursery ideas have inspired you and given you some ideas on creating the perfect habitat for your upcoming adventure. Best of luck!

Links To Our Favorite Jungle Accessories 

(many pictured above):

Note: We do NOT have an affiliate relationship 

with any of the below accessories. We just think they are cool items and wanted to make them easy for you to find, should you think they deserve a home in your nursery.

jungle safari mobile
Lion nursery decor
water color triangle wallpaper
banana leaf wallpaper for jungle nursery
safari wall decor lion mounted stuffed animal nursery
Wall Art
artificial nursery plants
Rookie Humans Safari Crib Sheet is Perfect for Jungle Themed Nursery
lion rug for jungle nursery
wicker and ivory jungle nursery mirror
wall leave garland jungle safari
jungle wall mural for nursery
queen of jungle wall mounted stuffed animal

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