34 Stunningly Gorgeous Gender Neutral Nurseries

So many parents these days are deciding they'd prefer to be surprised about the gender of their baby, rather then finding out during pregnancy. The conundrum is that if you wait until your newborn is here, you may find decorating the nursery can be challenging to juggle with all your new duties, lack of hands, and lack of sleep. Luckily, it's easy and fun to style a nursery well suited for a boy or girl and there is no shortage of gender neutral nursery ideas to be inspired by. In this post we explore some of dreamiest gender-neutral nursery ideas we could discover. Earthy tones & neutral color schemes, playful animal themes, black and white baby rooms, dramatic accent walls, eye catching wallpaper, boho baby decor and more can be essential elements in creating the perfect place for your baby to rest their head. We hope you find some inspiration and ideas for your gender neutral baby nursery within this post. Enjoy!


Simply Neutral 

A Dramatic Gender Neutral Accent Wall

Modern Black & White


WallPaper WINS

Friendly Animals

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