If I Could Turn Back Time: What I Wished I’d Had in My Hospital Bag Checklist

About a month before your big delivery date, you’re likely packing up that hospital bag. It’s easy to remember cute clothes for the baby and the outfit you want to be photographed in when leaving the hospital. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably bring at least 3 outfits for each of you, though make sure it’s comfortable. Trust!

But beyond the obvious things that the hospital, your doctor, and every baby book out there will tell you, there are things only a fellow mama who has been there and done that can tell you.

So, in addition to what those other checklists say, here are the things I wish I could go back in time to stuff in my hospital bag!

- Adult Diapers

Forgive yourself for ever snickering at those adult diaper commercials. These will be your new bestie after birth. Whether you have a c-section or deliver naturally, there’s a lot of blood flow. Those pads just don’t cut it while adult diapers make it easy to contain the mess.

- Lip Balm

My lips were so dry after giving birth. No amount of water saved me from that. I asked my husband to get me some from the gift shop and he brought me one that didn’t cut it. I implore you…pack a brand new package of your favorite lip balm in your hospital bag!

- Hair Ties or Accessories

During labor, delivery, and afterward, you’ll want your hair out of your face. Soft headbands or hair ties are so helpful. You do not want to send your husband on a mission for these things, I promise you this.

- Actual Cash

Most of us run on cards but in many hospitals, the vending machines might be the only thing that saves you when you’re hungry and need a snack after the cafeteria closes for the night. Some may have card accessibility but if they don’t, you’ll be thrilled that you have coins and small bills to get a little something with.

- Flip Flops with Strong Grip

Heck, bring 2 pairs of these! One for the shower, and one for shuffling around your hospital quarters. It’s much better than walking around on the floors and with all that’s going around today, you don’t want to lie awake in the middle of the night nursing, wondering what microbes might be mingling on your toes!

- Facial Wipes

If you have a c-section, you will definitely want these in your bag. Even if not though, there will be times you feel grimy and don’t want to get up and these will make you feel more human again.

One last thing…

You WILL leave that hospital with more things than you came with, and I don’t just mean the baby. Packing an extra reusable tote or 2 can make it so much easier to bring everything to the car in one trip when you’re finally going home.

And now, you are officially ready for baby! Good luck!