7 Amazing Bathtub Toys To Keep Your Toddler Smiling

Good "Clean" Fun

Bathtub toys are a great way to make bathing fun and enjoyable for your toddler. They can transform a bath into an educational, imaginative, and contained multi-sensory water adventure. Bath time not only provides the opportunity to unwind and play in a free environment where the worries of making a mess are contained to the tub, but it also is a great chance for learning through experiment. Your child can discover the way water moves when poured through funnels or pushed like a wave. They can learn about cold, warm, and hot temperatures of the bath water. Little kids can discover and identify colors from a variety of beautifully Bright tub toys. They can learn about buoyancy, water pressure, and so much more. With that in mind, the right bath tub toys can not only delight your child, but teach them valuable insights about their senses and the world.

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We’ve done the research and rounded up a list of the best bathtub toys for keeping your babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and even big kids engaged and entertained. Read on to see our top picks.

 BOON Bundle  Pipes, Cogs and Tubes &nbsp

Calling all little gear heads for some bath time fun. Your kids will love this bath toy that comes with 13 pieces of tube and pipes that interact with water differently for an abundance of ways to experiment. Smart suction come design keeps bath toys attached to the wall and the water flowing back into the tub, not the floor. 

PARENTS SAY IT BEST:             

"I bought these for my daughter when she was 2 and 1/4. She always liked baths but the first day playing with these she didn't want to get out. I had to drag her out after an hour in the tub and the water had gone cold."

Educational Insights Bright Basics Slide & Splash Seals

Turn bath-time into a circus of tricks with this adorable seal on wheels and slides set. Little kids can learn the basics of engineering and cause and effect as they position the suction cup slides and send the seals sailing down. This set of two seals is also perfect for siblings that will love taking turns or racing their seals down into the bubble bath. Your little kids will race to the bath-tub to play this super fun bath toy.

PARENTS SAY IT BEST:             

"My kids had so much fun they started using all of their toys on the slide. They were both getting bored at bath time but this toy has them interested again!"

BathBlocks Ball Run & Waterfall TUB TOY

Your toddler will love experimenting with water and learning how it flows and moves things in its path with this fascinating bath ball run and waterfall bath toy. The "sticky" viscosity of water (plus soap suds or shampoo suds) creates a cling between blocks and smooth, polished wall surfaces so you can play with it on the wall or free-floating. Parent's also love that this toy doesn't have any nooks or crannies for mold or mildew to form.

Parents Say It Best:             

"These are my favorite bath toys of all time. My son has so much fun building with them, knocking them down, sticking them to the wall of the shower and to each other. He’s had them for over a year now and still happily builds and plays."

Liewood Gaby Bath Toys (5 pack

We're crazy for these Scandinavian-inspired children's bath toys. Simple and elegant design, gorgeous color palettes, and adorable animal figures make these bath toys exciting for kids to play with and also pleasing to an adult eye. Made from 100% silicone and super easy to clean, your child is guaranteed to have a splashing good time when they share a bath with these animal friends.

Parents Say It Best:   

"Easily Our Favorite Bath Toys, we practiced our animal sounds and counting with all the different Mix and Match Characters. Who knew bath time could educations?!"


BunMo Fidget Bath Toys and Suction Toys

Your child will love putting together, pulling apart, sticking, and creating with these brightly colored silly suckers that are just as fun out of the bath as they are in. The shape and function also make these a useful aid in practicing fine motor skills, focus, and creativity. Extra points for the included hanging toy storage bag, which is majorly handy when you're dealing with lots of small pieces.


Grandma's Say It Best:   

"My Grandkids had so much fun playing with these interchangeable, suction cup pieces that I almost had to bribe them to get out of the tub"

Boon JELLIES Suction Cup Toddler Sensory Bath Tub Toy

best bath toys for toddlers
Stack, build, create, and imagine with these adorable jellyfish that will never sting. Stick them to the wall, the tub, or each other and watch them choose your own bath time adventure. These awesome bath toys from Boon encourage creative play and an opportunity to practice fine motor skills. This set of 9 BPA free plastic figurines are bound to bring delight to your toddler's next bath.

Parents Say It Best:   

"My 17 month old daughter loves these. I had a hard time transitioning her into the regular tub (it terrified her). I tried just about every technique out there. Finally, THESE Jellies were the thing that got her into the tub. She absolutely loves these."


We stumbled upon these and my son fell so in love that I decided to import them from Canada so your kids could get in on the fun, too. Excitement builds when I tell him he can pick a bath bomb for his bath that evening. Simply drop one of these colorful and wonderfully smelling bath bombs into the tub and watch it fizz and transform their bath into colorful fresh smelling sea and best of all, theirs a little sponge toy to play with inside. A huge plus is that they are hand-made from epson salt and only use food grade FDA approved coloring that will not stain your bath tub or irritate skin your child's skin. It's even shown to be safe and gentle enough for kids with Eczema.


My Niece Said it best   

"Auntie, This Is the Best Bath I've Ever Had."
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Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy

All aboard the bathtime ferry that includes two colorful mini cars, features a spacious cargo area, and also a slide-out ramp. The open design also allows children to place action figures or other toys inside. This eco-friendly toy will inspire creative play and opportunity to tune fine and gross motor skills as your child becomes captain of the ship. This toy is also made from 100% recycled milk jugs which is a big bonus for parents who are concerned about purchasing more single use plastic toys for their children.

Parents Say It Best   

"With so many toys made abroad of questionable materials, it's refreshing to find something that is eco-friendly and made right here in the USA"

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