Bath Time Battles... 10 Bath Hacks To Help You Win Every Time

When it comes to bath time for your little one, you’re either overjoyed to finally have that little rascal calm and contained or you go into total panic mode because you know the nightly showdown is about to begin. Whichever camp you belong to, we have some ideas to be sure you "win" at this very necessary activity.


1. Glow In The Dark Sticks

What is cooler than throwing some glow sticks into the bathtub with your child, and you turn off the light to see them glow? Your toddler will love that and be simply amazed at how neat those sticks are glowing in the water. If your toddler was crying before, the waterworks will be put to an end due to the fact that he or she will be amazed. However, don't make the room pitch black. Keep a nightlight on or turn the light down to a dim level. You need to keep an eye on your little one in the tub for obvious reasons. Alternatively, if you don't want to put them in the water you can hang them from the shower rod. Either way, you're going to come out looking like one cool mom.


2. Color-Themed Bath With A Bath Squiggler

Here is another fun idea that will awaken your child's senses and curiosity during bathtime. Fill the bath and simply drop in a Bath Squiggler. Watch as the Squiggler fizzes away, colouring the water while scenting the air with a fruity fragrance. The magic, however, is what happens next... As the Squiggler dissolves, out pops a cute sponge character - Talk color, smell, and identify the animal sponge that emerges to add a little sneaky learning and speech development to the mix.


3. Make Alphabet Soup

Do you have bath letters for your child? Then if not, it is a great idea to get some. This way, if you put some of those bath letters into the tub and allow them to float around, this is a great way to teach your toddler the alphabet. And they can focus on one letter at a time floating around.


4. Bubble Time

Bubble baths are a timeless tradition that has been used for decades to delight. You likely have faint memories of your mom putting Mr. Bubble into the bath while she was bathing you. However, bubble baths have come a long way in recent decades. We love this super gentle, hypo-allergenic bath bomb that fizzes into a bubble bath. Hand made without color or scent and formulated specifically for dry, eczemic skin conditions, this is a great options for new babies, toddlers, and little kids with sensitive skin.


5. Pool Noodle Fun

You can take a pool noodle and cut it up. The pieces of it will float around the tub and then your toddler can not only watch them float but he or she can indulge in some fun sensory play. This will certainly take any mind being upset over bath time and curious about the floating pool noodle pieces.


6. Bath Tub Paint


Here is another great idea to get your baby pumped for getting clean. Give him or her a set of washable paint that is also a cotton candy smelling soap. (Mind blown, right?)Then allow him or her to paint their bodies, the bath and the wall around with it. Remember, it will wash off and make it clear that this can only be done during bath time and not at other times or you might find a surprise art project on an unintended wall.


7. Colored Ice

Take an ice cube tray and put water in it, with some food coloring. Freeze it so the water freezes and becomes ice cubes. Then when it is bath time, take the ice cube tray out, and pour the cubes into the bath. Your toddler and you can watch the cubes melt and the colors stain the water. That will be fascinating!


8. Give Your Toddler A Popsicle

An easy way to pacify a toddler that is not happy with being in the bath is to give him or her a popsicle while he or she is in the tub. This way, as the popsicle melts while it is being eaten, drops of it will end up in the tub. Not to mention, cleaning your child after eating a popsicle is very easy to do. He or she is already in the bath.


9. Sea Animal Water Bath Toys


What is cooler than being in the water with some sea creatures? Grab a bag of sea animal bath toys to throw into for when you are bathing your kiddo. Your child can be amazed to be in the water along with turtles, octopi, fish, lobsters, crabs, and stingrays to name a few. This encourages some great sensory play as well.


10. Water Balloons


Here is an easy fun activity for your toddler. Fill up some water balloons and allow him or her to play with them while sitting in the tub. There will be plenty of splashing as the balloons are thrown around. Therefore, be sure to grab plenty of towels and place them on the floor by the tub. This activity will bring on more giggles and no more crying!


So that's it! Now you have 10 tricks up your sleeve for the next time you face "la resistance" or you just want to make it an extra special bath night. Enjoy!