55 Inspiring Backyard Spaces For Kids

Looking for inspiration and ideas on how to transform your backyard into an outdoor sanctuary for your kids? Would you like to create a respite from the outside world, where your little ones can enjoy hanging out and are free and safe to experience the simple joys of childhood, like running, walking, climbing, digging, throwing, imagining, and swinging through the air?  Us, too! So in pursuit of finding the coolest backyard play spaces in the world for children and drawing on it for inspiration, we share with you our 56 all time favorites. 

 Note: Whenever possible, we’ve linked up the photos with the sources so you can get more information on how to create yourself, view different angles, gather additional information or make a purchase. (just click on the image)  All backyard spaces and structures are things we LOVE! No compensation was given in exchange for the recommendations. This post does contain a few affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission from certain purchases to help support our research and effort, bu there is no additional cost to you.




The backyard is your oyster... hope this helps you to make it a magical space for the children you love!

Looking for information on the best playground sets for kids?

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