55 Colorful Kid's Bathroom Inspirations To Brighten Their Days

Your child's bathroom is a sanctuary, of sorts. It's where the day begins and ends and a lot of real life in between takes place. Also, for lots of families, it's a room that's used by many, not just your little ones, so it makes sense that many parents care about it's aesthetic. If you're looking for a little design inspiration, you've come to the right place. Browse on, to see some of the most scroll stopping kid's bathrooms we could uncover.


Smiles For Miles with Playful Tile

Note: That's mosaic tile work, not wallpaper. How crazy talented is that designer?

Under The Sea Adventure 

Farm-Tastic Charm 

Feminine Sophistication 

beautiful little girls bathroom design

Contemporary Modern Magic 

modern bright colorful kids bathroom decor

Simple Playful Color Schemes   

Wallpaper Wonderful   

cactus kids bathroom beautiful palette

SImply Accessorize  

Woodland & Wildlife  

Woodland Bathroom Kids Design ideas