Easy & Fun Toddler Bath Activities and Ideas to Guarantee Bath Time is a Splashing Stress-Free Success

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Bath time with your toddler can be a win/win. Not only do you get a chance to wash the days dirt away, You also score a few minutes where you child is not JUST entertained but also contained. If you have a toddler, you know this is GOLD.  For them, it's a sensory wonderland! A change of surrounding, with different smells, colors, and feels. It's also a chance to make a mess and splash without care. Bath time for toddlers is spelled F-U-N.
While just splashing and frolicking is bound to keep them entertained for a minute, you can buy yourself more time by having a few toddler bath activities on hand when they need to be reengaged. Bath is the perfect time to teach your babies, toddlers, and even pre-schoolers about colors, new words, cause and effect, and work on fine motor skills.  Here's a few fun bath games you can play with your toddler that are sure you entertain and bring some extra delight to your child's next bath.

1. Explore How Water Works:

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The shower hose is always a fun place to start if you're able to keep it contained to the bath. Little ones can experiment with different types of flows and strengths and watch how other objects in the tub react when sprayed. Another idea is to grab a plastic bottle and pierce a couple holes of different sizes in it or a watering can that you use for your plants. Your toddler's will love scooping up water and watching it flow through the holes.  They will see how varying sized holes allow different amounts of water to flow and at changing speeds and that water takes the shape of its container. There are also numerous amazing options for actual water cup toys made specifically for the bath. Watering cups are fantastic options for bath toys. Not only are they super entertaining, they don’t hold water, which can lead to mold build up (gross). We’re obsessed with these silicone cups made by this small mom owned business the Dearest Gray. You can find them here:


water activities silicone stacking cups

2. The Bath Time Chef 

It's funny how all the fanciest toys in the world can be upstaged, in the eyes of a toddler, by simple kitchen utensils and a bowl or pot.  You may have seen this transpire in your own kitchen as your baby discovers drawers with pots and pans.  This holds true in the bath tub as well, so scavenge your kitchen for an old whisk, a spoon with holes, a few measuring cups and a bowl, and transform the bath tub into a culinary playground.  For a little extra fun, drop a little bubble bath into the water and ask your child to mix up a bubble soup. The dollar store is an  economical place to pick up a few of these bath gems on the cheap.
A few safety tips: Don't bring glass into the bathtub, inspect all kitchen items that you will use in the batch for sharp edges or parts that might pinch and consider if they were to fall on any of these items could it go into the wrong place.
If you prefer to purchase a play set just for the bath tub or you're looking for a gift, we think these items are a great fit for culinary bath adventures. 


play bath whis


pots and pans for the bath tub

3. The Bath Time Baller

Step up your bath game and theirs by throwing a few balls into the bath time line up.  Your toddlers can push them, drop them, sink them, throw them, or even setup a target and let them practice their aim.  You can create a goal with an old plastic container or set up an empty shampoo container and challenge them to knock it down. An affordable and fun option for purchase is this bath tub hoop with balls.

Bath Basketball Hoop & Balls Set

4. Lego Bricks For The Bath Too

Quite possibly one of the simplest, yet, greatest toys ever made is the LEGO and they are a gem for the bath, too. Lego play helps little kids practice color and size recognition, planning, spacial awareness, fine motor skills, and creativity. There is a lot of compelling evidence suggesting that playing with block toys is great for a child's development.  They also make hygienic bath toys. The pieces fit together and come apart so they don't hold water, which can lead to mold build up.  We recommend Lego Duplo for your toddler because they are a little bigger and easier to manage. We love this BathTime Floating Island set by Lego because of the genius storing solution. Everything fits into the storing container in the end. 


legos in the bath for fun activity

5. Bath Crayons For Your Little Picasso

Bath crayons are fun way to inspire creativity and play in the bath tub.  Little kids love to use their body, the tub, and walls for a canvas and bath crayons make it a win for your too. We love these bath hand-made bath crayons made of soap They are mess-free and washable, so children can color and create freely. We also love supporting this small USA business that is owned by a female veteran.


hand made bath crayons
Hopefully, we've given you a few new ideas for toddler bath time activities to add to your arsenal that will allow you and your child to have an abundance of fun and bonding during bath. In the end, if you score a few minutes of not chasing your child around the house, a few moments to connect, and  a clean cutie, it's a win.  Rinse and repeat.
Looking to add some bubbly fun to their bath time routine? Not all bubble baths are created equal.
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