5 Tips for Leaving the House with a Newborn for Your First Time

New parents revel in all the joys of having a sweet newborn baby. But when it comes time for the first outing with baby, it can create a sense of dread. Will I remember everything? What if something happens? What if? What if? What if? Ack!

Fear not, for these 5 tips will help you leave your house with your newborn without setting your mind spinning in circles.

1. Stock your diaper bag in advance

If your first outing is to the park in the morning, get that diaper bag ready tonight. Diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, changing mat, an extra set of clothing for baby, bottles if formula-feeding, a nursing cover if you feel more comfortable that way…these are just a few of the essentials. You do not need a bunch of rattles or 30 changes of clothes.

To make it all easier, you can get this handy 3-piece set from Land of the Wee that comes with a wet-dry bag, stroller caddy, and a wristlet to help you win at this whole mom-thing.

2. Don’t forget your water or a snack

Unless your outing is to a restaurant, don’t forget to take along a bottle of water or a snack for yourself. It’s hard enough being a new mom. Don’t make it harder by feeling feeble without enough energy to take care of your baby.

3. Give yourself extra time to get ready

Before baby, perhaps it took you 30 minutes to get ready and out the door. Now with a newborn, you’ve got to get yourself ready and baby too. Maybe it takes YOU 30 minutes to get ready, but then you’ve got a newborn who will no doubt want to nurse first and then will need to have a diaper change. Add even more time if one of those explosive newborn poops occurs while you’re nursing and you have to wash baby off and change him first.

4. Use the bathrobe trick

Ah, so you’re ready and you look fab! But baby has other plans like spitting up all over your blouse. Lovely. Don’t leave anything to chance! Instead, after you get ready, throw your bathrobe over your outfit until right before you walk out the door. This way, any mess baby makes won’t cause you to have to change your clothes again.

5. Keep things short and sweet

If it’s at all possible, keep your first few outings with your newborn baby short and close to home. Your neighborhood park or a shopping court nearby could be just what you’re looking for. Newborns can’t handle too much stimulation before they get uppity about sleep, diaper changes, and feeding.

One last thing every mama needs to hear…

Babies cry, and most people on the planet are aware of this. It’s normal, so don’t be ashamed. You’ll know other parents by the sympathetic glances they’ll give. With these tips though, it will help you get more comfortable with going out with your newborn and as your baby gets bigger, you’ll become an old pro!