15 Fall Activities for Little Kids to Embrace the Season

Now that the last wisps of warm weather are ebbing away, it’s time to embrace fall. Sure, it might be cooler outside, but there are still many great fall activities for little kids that will keep them in a state of learning and wonder.

Whether you have one little one or a whole crew of them, you can show them the magic in the season with these 15 fall activities for little kids!

1. Head to the pumpkin patch

The pumpkin patch is a great adventure for young ones. It’s fun to pick out a pumpkin together all the while posing for fun photos. Some pumpkin patches have trinkets for sale or hot apple cider and hot chocolate, making this one fun fall activity for everyone!

2. Go apple picking

Another field trip of sorts, one of the best fall activities for little kids is to do something that gives them purpose. Helping you pick fresh apples to make pies and treats with is a definite winner. They’ll learn about where apples come from, plus when you make your apple treats, they can help.

3. Carve or decorate pumpkins

If you went to the pumpkin patch, great! If not, you can pick one up from the store and carve it up. Not up for the mess? There are many ways to decorate your pumpkins with paint. Give the littles one of their own to adorn with stickers or help them paint it up. Then let them choose where to display it!

4. Make some s’mores by the fire

Firepit or fireplace, you have the perfect spot to toast up marshmallows to perfection! Make a s’mores bar for all the kids and let them choose how to put it together while adults handle the marshmallow roasting.

5. Jump in a leaf pile

You can probably recall when you were a child just how much fun it is to jump into a pile of raked fall leaves. The crunch, the colors, the excitement of doing something so simple is a must for every child to experience. As one of the best fall activities for little kids, you can make a game of it to see who can then help clean up the leaves the fastest.

6. Make fall leaf art

When the kids won’t stop jumping in the leaves, you’ll have to distract them. Another one of the greatest fall activities for little kids is collecting those leaves and making fall leaf art. There are so many cool projects out there from leaf rubbings to collages that help you turn the beauty of nature into a permanent keepsake.

7. Race your way through a corn maze

If you have a corn maze anywhere nearby, grab the kids for an adventure. This is a right of passage for fall activities for kids. One tip though…bring snacks! Even in simpler mazes, kids can get cranky when they think it will be too long until they get some food.

8. Create a fall sensory bottle

Use an empty water bottle and fill it with uncooked rice dyed into fall colors. Add some pumpkin sparkle flair from the dollar store and let your little toddler shake up some fun. Make sure you keep the top on tight too. A little glue from your hot glue gun should prevent any messes from escaping out the top.

9. Make a fall wreath together

Need more fall décor? Nothing could be better than something made from the heart. Fall activities for little kids that keep their tiny hands busy will make for lasting memories too. All you need are some paper plates, tissue paper, and construction paper to make a fall-themed wreath you can proudly display.

10. Decorate the yard

Fall decorations really get little kids excited. As part of your fall activities for little kids, decorate your yard with your pumpkins, put up a scarecrow (or even make one together), or go full-on Halloween and make your yard a spooky must-see stop on your street.

11. Do something Halloween-y

Most little kids can’t wait for Halloween. You can pick out costumes together or make your own. Put up the Halloween decorations and keep your little ones busy by giving them some extras to make their own haunted house. Pretend to be scared when they give you the tour!

12. Find kid-friendly fall baking recipes

Remember all those delightful smells of the season? Let your kids be a part of them. You can slice up those apples from your apple orchard adventures and let kids dunk them into caramel and chocolate, then cover with their favorite toppings. The best fall activities for kids are ones you can do together to share the spirit of the season so be sure to let them help out.

13. Go on a haunted walk

While you don’t want to scare little kids, if there’s a kid-friendly haunted walk, Halloween tour, or haunted adventure of some kind, go for it. They’ll have so much fun!

14. Make cards for Thanksgiving

Toward the end of fall, the family will gather for Thanksgiving. For anyone that can’t come, one of the best fall activities for little kids is making cards for Thanksgiving. Give your littles plenty of construction paper and design cards about being thankful that you can help them send to their grandparents and other relatives. Bonus: bring them to the post office to drop the letters into the mail slot themselves!

15. Have a fall scavenger hunt

Head to the park or even just out in your yard with a list of fall items to look for. Then help your kids set out and see if you can find them all!

Don’t forget that the weather will only get colder, so be sure you have plenty of snuggly blankets to keep your little kids warm and safe during all your fall activities!