13 Smart Tips For Setting Up An Organized Nursery

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Getting excited about what’s going on under your ever-growing baby bump? You should be! But as you get closer to your delivery date, you’ll want to get everything set up for your baby’s nursery. It’s not just about decorating though…a little nursery organization can making caring for your new baby much easier and less frantic.

With these 13 nursery organization tips and must-know tricks, you’ll cut down on that overwhelmed feeling and get the hang of being a new mom faster!

1. Second Trimester Is Go Time

Once the second trimester hits, you should be starting to put that nursery together. You’ll likely be over those struggles of morning sickness and more into nesting too. This is the time in your pregnancy when you are likely to feel the best and have the most energy. Now is the time to get busy. If you’re expecting items from your baby registry, fill in what you can now and add the rest after you receive them.

2. Pick A Theme 

You don’t have to limit yourself but if you focus on a theme or style, it makes decorating easier. It also keeps the design looking more united. Waiting until the baby is born to find out the gender? There are tons of unisex themes and styles to go with that will look lovely no matter what! Our current obsession is the woodland forest nature themed nursery, with it's earthy palettes and textures and playful woodland animals, it's easy to create a gender neutral nursery that you and your baby will go wild for.

3. Pick Curtains & Bedding Before Choosing Paint 

It might seem tempting to head to the home improvement store and grab buckets of paint in your choice of color. But if you haven’t picked out bedding yet (even if you’re waiting for it from your registry) or your curtains, it’s going to be hard to match unless you’re keeping the walls stark white. Because bedding and curtains have trickier patterns and nuances, pick those first and then use paint to compliment the look. If you just can't wait, just pick a neutral color and then play it up later with colorful accessories to compliment your bedding and curtains.

4. PUt Something On the Ceiling 

Much of a babies life happens on their back in bed. As such, your baby will be looking up at the ceiling an awful lot. You can consider a mobile or decorate the ceiling itself. This will give your baby something interesting to look at. Here's a few cute inspirations for the ceiling. and also a few of our favorite mobiles.

Ceiling Inspirations


5. Decorate Safely

Those fancy nursery rooms might have nursery organization down, but if you see toys, pillows, stuffed animals, and crib bumpers in the crib, that’s not safe. Part of nursery organization is keeping your little one safe from danger. Choose firm mattresses and only a tightly-fitted crib sheet. Once your baby is bigger, it will be safe to let them have a pillow and toys in the crib. Baby bumpers are never safe though so don’t use them. Oh and pro-mom tip: use a waterproof mattress protector for the crib mattress. You’re welcome!

6. Stock up on what will keep baby warm at night

For newborns, swaddling is one of the best practices. It prevents that startle reflex from waking baby (and you!) up all the time. It also keeps them warm and comfortable in the night since they can’t use blankets. After about 4 months, you can stop swaddling and use a sleep sack. We proudly offer one of our favorite designs (The Wyoming Collection) on our website.. but if that's not your style, there's swaddles and sleep sacks in every pattern under the sun on Amazon and every other retailer that sells baby layette.

Sold out

Sold out

7. Set UP A Station For Nursing

Whether you’re planning on breastfeeding or bottle feeding, you’ll need a place to sit and feed your baby. A rocker or glider can help, but you’ll feel like you’re in no man’s land if you don’t have all the things you need within arm’s reach of that. Nursery organization should include a box with wipes, burp cloths, and all the other stuff to make it a breeze. and don't forget a close outlet and phone charger. You could be spending a lot of time in that chair. Some even drape over the arms of your chair so see what fits your nursery organization style! Something like this organizer from Amazon could save the day many times over.

8. Set Up Diaper Station with Everything in Arms Reach 

Babies need LOTs of diaper changes, so one great tip for nursery organization is to use your diaper changing area as a place for all diaper changing necessities. Everything you'll need for changing/cleaning the baby and the mess should be within in arms reach. For boys, as soon as you take the diaper off, the spring could start flowing straight up in the air and land on you and your baby. If you have a diaper ready to go, you can make the switch before you end up covered in pee. (speaking from lots of experience as a boy mom) You should also have antibacterial wipes plus a disposal for dirty diapers. A separate hamper for clothes that get covered in diaper blowout is also a good idea. Keeping things within arms reach is more efficient and also ensures that you won't have to leave your baby unattended and risk a roll off the changing table. Here's a few of our favorite diaper changing table organizers for keeping things together and clean.

9. Organize Those Baby Clothes 

There are so many ways to organize baby clothes. Depending on your setup, you may find one more logical than another, but whatever you do, don’t leave things to chance. Organize the clothes by size at the very least so you’re not scrambling around at 3am trying to find something clean that fits after another poopie diaper mess. If you have a closet or a clothes rack, we've found this is the easiest way to keep things organized and easy to access. These handmade wood hangers are lovely, but there's so many options to fit all budgets and tastes..

10. Look for Creative Storage Solutions

Every home and nursery setup will vary, but there are ways to make nursery organization happen in the space you have. Smaller spaces can creatively hang storage racks on the wall and there are pieces of multi-tasking furniture that make it easy to tuck away all the other essentials that come with having a baby.

11. Think About the Future When Buying Baby Gear

Babies grow quickly, though time may feel like it is standing still when baby is keeping you up all night. That said, their needs will change quickly, too. If you buy a bassinet, you’ll be replacing it soon enough. Many new parents choose a crib that can convert into a toddler bed, saving space and money. Planning ahead now will certainly help you down the road as baby grows.


12. Be Sure to Consider the nursery lighting

Natural lighting is wonderful until it’s summer and it’s still bright out at 8pm and your baby needs to sleep. Using blackout curtains will help ensure baby sleeps well even when the sun is still up. It also prevents dangerous injuries that traditional blinds can pose for small children. At night, use lights with dimmers so you can set the tone for sleep later on. A nightlight will also help you not stub your toe when you come to check on baby. We think this smart lightbulb looks worth a go.

Backed by science and similar to technology used by NASA to help astronauts sleep in outer space, the Nite-Nite Light provides the appearance of darkness at the right wavelength to cue an infant’s internal clock, and provides the parent enough light for safe care. 

13. Organize the essentials

Diapers, wipes, ointments, lotions, first aid, and even baby bath essentials should all be organized in a way that works for you before your baby is born.

Looking for cute baby essentials to prepare for the new baby? Look no further than Land of the Wee! We have the baby essentials you need for sleeping to exploring to bathing. Since you're already here, it's the perfect time to look around.

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