12 Surprising Uses and Benefits of Your Hooded Towel

When you hear the word towel, most of us think about just one use: drying yourself off after you get wet. But there are actually quite a few other uses and benefits for a favorite towel and you might be surprised by some of them. Here is a detailed, though probably not exhaustive, list of some surprising benefits of your hooded towel.

1. Baby Swaddle - Whether it’s after the bath or before naptime, you can nurse or snuggle with your little one tightly wrapped and cuddled in a towel. The breathable fabric is perfect to help calm them down and keep them at just the right temperature. Keep multiple ones around the house so you're never far from that perfect wrap.

2. Sunshield - Any protection from the sun is better than no protection at all. While most towels have no specific SPF benefits, covering up with a towel along with sunscreen while outside still cuts down on the intensity of the sun and gives kids some respite. The hooded towel makes it extra easy to completely cover more of your little one’s sensitive skin and be able to enjoy that beach day just a little bit longer.

3. Security Blanket - A favorite towel might just be the transition piece you’ve been looking for if your little one is having a hard time letting go. A hooded towel works great for the kid who refuses to give up a beloved blanket and wants to drag it all over town. A towel is easy to wash, usually not as sentimental, and easily replaced if lost or ruined.

4. Cover Up - Not only is a towel great for using after the water but also before getting in. Your child can use their towel to stay warm as a cover up while they sit on the edge of the pool or as protection from the wind at the beach. Keep that cool breeze at bay and you're on your way to a whine free day!

5. Hoods - Our hooded towels have a double layer, so it's a great way to lock in a little extra heat after the bath or shower rather than leaving a cold head exposed and drippy. Babies and toddlers lose more heat from their heads than adults so a bath towel with a hood is ideal. The all-in-one hooded towel covers up the head and the body so there's no need for multiple towels to get the drying job done.

6. Privacy - If you find yourself in a locker room after swim class, a towel can be used for a little extra privacy while getting dressed. Instead of waiting in line for the changing room, you can change quickly and discreetly by using your towel as a cover.

7. Ownership - Teach your kids about responsibility! Having their own towel is a great way for your child to be able to identify their towel vs. everyone else's. They can practice learning about responsibility by remembering to make sure they have all their things before leaving the pool. If their towel is uniquely theirs they’ll be that much more careful to make sure it doesn’t get left behind.

8. Less Laundry - A hooded towel hangs easily and makes it that much less likely to find on the floor. Bamboo towels dry quickly, resist odor, and stay soft so you can get several uses out of it before it needs a wash. This is a win for everyone! Less laundry to do and a dry towel hanging in the bathroom makes the day a little bit easier all around.

9. Bonding - Feel like one of the family, team or group with matching towels. It’s a great idea to encourage bonding among siblings, or other groups and helps to make sure you have everything when the team leaves. What little kid doesn’t love to match with their bestie…

10. Storage - This is specifically in regards to our Land of the Wee towel which comes in a reusable, waterproof bag. It's perfect for holding all your beach or pool accessories such as sand toys, goggles, or a swimsuit all in one place. Also, the hooded towel in the bag makes a great pillow.

11. Gifts - Towels make great gifts! If you're looking for something useful, inexpensive, and one of a kind, get them a hooded towel and wrap it in a special box. They make awesome baby shower gifts and you can pair it with other products such as a bathtub, washcloths, natural hair wash, newborn bath bombs, or newborn silicone scrubber.

12. Grandparents - What makes a grandchild's visit extra special? When they know that their visit was planned for in each small detail. A hooded towel is a great addition that can be used for so much more than just keeping dry. They will look forward to using their special towel at grandma and grandpa’s house every time they visit.

So, there you go! I hope you discovered some added benefits to keeping a few hooded towels on hand plus a few new ways your towel can be used to create lasting memories and keep warm while getting the most use out of your purchase. Towels are easy to wash, less sentimental than a bedtime blankie, and a necessary part of our daily routines. Get one (or more) that you love and help your daily routines run just a little more smoothly.

Be sure to check the best towels of 2021 and get your essential bath time products now so you can get on with making the most of your days together!