10 Affordable Baby Shower Gifts (That Moms Actually Want)

Looking for a special And affordable Baby Shower Gift to welcome that new baby? something ultra useful and practical that the mom didn't even realize she needed? Your in luck, the sky is the limit when it comes to finding a gift for the new baby that won't break your wallet, but that will also surely delight and come in super handy in the mama's time of need. Read on to see 10 newborn baby gifts ideas that will take the guess work out of your next gift buying endeavor.

Disclaimer: All gifts are things we adore! No compensation was given in exchange for the recommendations. This post does contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission from certain purchases to help support our research and effort, but there is absolutely no additional cost to you.



If you were a newborn parent in the past, you might already know that a pacifier can be a gift from the heavens when there's a baby in despair. Babies can belt it out and having a good soother on hand will be your best friend in your(and their) time of need. We love these pacifiers with little stuffed animals on the end. They are easier for the baby to hold on to, provides something tactile to feel and play with, is totally adorable hanging from their little mouths, and probably most importantly, won't get lost as easily as a normal pacifier. Here's a few of the cutest ones we found. Be a good friend, and get the new baby two... It's always nice to have a back up stuffed in the diaper bag for those intense moments. These are an outstanding and affordable baby gift for under $20.

Swaddled BUrrito Babies

Swaddling your baby up like a burrito is an age-old technique that experts believe can help the baby feel safe and warm as they adjust to their new home outside of mom's belly and can also help prevent the baby from triggering their startle reflex. While some parents are traditionalists and like the versatility of a blanket that can also be used as a swaddle and a nursing cover, others find swaddling complicated and opt for a sleep sack. Which ever route you go, the choices above are excellent options to help send that baby off to Dreamville.

Baby Onesies that Say It All

The classic uniform of any newborn is the onesie. Gift the new baby a funny onesie with personality and the new parents and visitors won't be able to help but smile, laugh, and think of you. (their extremely hilarious friend)

Socks Toys & Wrist Rattles 

As a new parent, life's pretty much spent living from one baby need to the next. Any opportunity to have a few minutes hand free, when the baby is keeping themselves entertained can feel heaven sent. Give the gift of a break, by gifting these genius sock and wrist rattles. Best of all, since they are attached to the baby you won't be forced to play the never ending game of fetch. These socks and wrist rattles are also great for helping develop the babies fine motor skills, eye-sight tracking practice, and exploring their senses.

Black and White Art Cards

From the very first days of life, research shows that a baby sees high-contrast shapes and patterns at a distance of 9–12 inches, while not being able to distinguish colors until about 3 to 4 months old. New parents will appreciate a gift that helps them stimulate and entertain their new baby. These beautiful high contrast black and white art cards could do the trick and they can also be framed and used for cute nursery art.

Milestone Baby Blanket

Give the new parents a simple and unforgettable way to track their newborns first trip around the sun with a milestone blanket. These adorable blankets provide the perfect back drop for pictures that will be appreciated for years to come, not only by the parents but also by the child.


Hooded Baby Towels

When it comes to a newborn, soft and gentle reigns supreme. Land of the Wee hooded baby towels are made from an organically grown, eco-friendly bamboo. They are amazingly soft, hypoallergenic, and dry up to 40% faster than cotton. Being cuddled or swaddled up in one of these towels after a bath is like a warm hug and also optimal for allowing the baby to nurse before getting them dressed. This is a must have for every new baby. 

Frida Knows Baby Essentials

Whether it be helping a gassy baby get relief, keeping those razor sharp nails trimmed and hair combed, or sucking the snot out of your babies nose(for reals, it's a thing), Frida has you covered with some unconventional, yet highly effective, methods. The new parents will thank you when they are in the thick of it with a baby ailment and realize they have the secret weapon at their disposal..... thanks to you, you extraordinary gift giver.


Rub a dub, dub... after long days of soiling their diapers, drooling, spilling food and milk all over themselves, and plenty of other messy situations... babies can get pretty grubby. A bath at the end of a day is an excellent end cap for both babies and parents. Baby baths come in all shapes, sizes, and price points, but the two bath options below are top-rated by parents and an affordable gift at under $40 each.

Baby Bottles

Bottles have come along way... from bottle tips that mimic the actual form and feel of a mother to innovative designs that prevent the baby from taking in extra air while feeding which reduces painful gas, colic, and burps.. investing in the right bottle is money very well spent. Here's a couple of the super stars when it comes to feeding a newborn.


And that's a wrap... hope this post was worth the read and we've inspired you with some great options... Now order up and pat yourself on the back... You're a good one!