10 Tips to Help You Survive Nausea While Pregnant

For many moms-to-be, that first trimester is rough stuff. However, when a wave of nausea washes over you, you don’t have to suffer. These 10 tips will help you survive those bouts and be more comfortable so you can enjoy the miracle of growing a human!

your pregnancy!

1. Know Your Triggers

Every woman is different when it comes to nausea triggers, but it seems pregnant women definitely develop a more sensitive nose. It could be a certain food or smell that makes you gag and barf. And yes, it could even be something that you enjoyed prior to becoming pregnant. By identifying what sets you off, you can avoid those things and keep from feeling queasy. Eggs, Raw Meat, Cheese, Coffee, Alcohol, Bad Breath, Feet, and Bacon Are Just a few that have known to Trigger Nausea

2. Choose Your Food Carefully

Foods that are rich in protein, easy to digest, and low in fat are best for those early months of pregnancy. Stay away from greasy, spicy, and fatty options and choose simple foods like bananas, applesauce, toast, or rice. Some women find salty foods to be helpful too.

3. Eat More Often

Snacking has saved many pregnant women from feeling nauseated at the start of the day. Keep a packet of soda crackers by your bed so you can munch on them in the morning. If you can get to the kitchen, dry toast works just as well. Nibbling on snacks throughout the day will help you curb nausea without making your stomach feel too full.

4. Drink Water

Yes, drinking enough water is important for your health and the health of that baby growing inside of you. But it also serves to keep nausea at bay.

5. Get Some Fresh Air

Open the windows on a beautiful day and let fresh air flow in. Or go take a walk outside. Even just sitting on your own patio and breathing in and out can help you feel much better.
pregnant woman getting fresh air to fight nausea

6. Watch The Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are essential for your health. Ideally, you should be taking them with food or a snack. Iron in some prenatal Vitamins can be tough on A mother's stomach.Below are a few over the counter options that promise relief from Nausea in addition to giving you the vital nutrients needed to grow a baby. Click on the image to get more information about each product.


Ginger is a known anti-inflammatory and has been used for centuries to quell queasy stomachs, especially for pregnant women. This natural spice is safe too. SimplY slice off a bit of the root and pour boiling water over it to make a tea. OR IF YOU'RE ON THE GO, ANOTHER OPTION IS JUST TO BUY IT READY MADE. WE LOVE THIS ORGANIC PEACH GINGER TEA FROM PINK STORK.

8. Brush Teeth With Care

Brushing your teeth, especially in the morning, can set off your gag reflex even when you’re not pregnant. But while pregnant, it can be the thing that pushes you over the edge with your morning sickness woes. If you brush your teeth with cool water, it can help halt that reflex.
Standing up straight rather than leaning over the sink will help too. This is because you’re less prone to succumbing to the gagging when you’re completely upright. Look straight ahead at yourself in the mirror as you brush and avoid leaning when you spit into the sink.

9. Keep It Cool

In addition to using cool water when brushing to deal with nausea while pregnant, anything you do with coolness will make you feel better. Step outside when it’s cool out and let the natural air refresh you. In summer, go sit in the air conditioning. And if you must be somewhere hot, grab a cold washcloth and put in on your face or the back of your neck.
You can also cool away the nausea by using ice cubes or by carrying a refreshing misting spray with you. Plain water is the surest way to not set off your morning sickness, but if there is a particular scent (like rosewater for example) that smells appealing to you during this time, that will work too!

Try Mints Or Lozenges

Mints and lozenges are popular too. Like ginger, peppermint Also has a soothing effect for those suffering from morning sickness and nausea in general. You can carry these with you and pop one in your mouth whenever that nausea starts to overwhelm. Look for ones that are organic and made with clean ingredients that benefit both you and baby. Pink Stork Nausea Sweets are a Great way to ensure you’re stopping that woozy feeling without ingesting anything potentially harmful. These organic pregnancy sweets have a natural peppermint flavor that makes nausea melt away and supports your energy. Plus, they contain vitamin B6, which not only nourishes but also relieves nausea.

One last thing about relieving nausea during pregnancy…

These 10 tips to relieve morning sickness any time it strikes should make you more comfortable right off the bat. It all starts with knowing what makes you gag. Once you can pinpoint those things, you’ll avoid having to run to the bathroom or the bushes to throw up.
When on the go, it can’t hurt to make sure you’ve got some of these safe remedies along with you too. This way, you can handle nausea every time it comes up again, pardon the pun! You've got this, mama.